Way of love and compassion


Way of love and compassion

Humanity is immersed in a process of transmutation; in a profound vibrational change towards world unification, towards a new planetary ascent.
We must restore the values ​​of respect, generosity and gratitude in our society; it´s necessary to reinforce those lost values ​​such as brotherhood and brotherhood with other living beings. This is the right way for new humanitarian projects to be undertaken.
In this development of the new universal primordial archetype, immersed in the ascending karmic wheel, in this profound change of our vibrational level will be reborn new Indra universals, new feelings of love will spring forth in our souls.
New subtle connections will be established between invisible networks of universal plasma; this will lead to the resurgence of beautiful artistic creations and important contributions to humanity. We´ll learn to live philosophically and spiritually, acting consciously in an ineffable awakening to the path of truth and wisdom.
We´re in a true age change, in a crucial phase of complete renewal and transmutation of our Inner Being.
We´ll live without worry, with great gratitude, valuing everything we have; thanking the universe for all that has been given to us; working intensely with effort our body, mind and spirit to reach the vibrational level of the authentic awakening; giving smiles, sharing our happiness, being kind and respectful to others.
We´re here to cleanse our karma as a result of our past actions of attachment, pride, vanity, hatred, desires and grasping.
It´s a hard and stony road, nobody says it´s easy, but we choose to be born in this existential realm exclusively for this.
Humanity has begun to perceive, to feel in its deep ancestral roots the light of the Great Central Sun, the beginning of the deep awakening to the truth of the universe. A new cycle begins in our evolution, a cycle of great personal, spiritual and intellectual growth.
The human being undertakes a process of transmutation, of overcoming hidden fears, of transgenerational anchored memories; a long ascensional way of restoring ancient karmic blocks.
Now begins the phase of the great flow and universal energy exchange between all our subtle bodies, the path of healing of all our wounds.
We´ll have access to a new technological development based on quantum nanoparticles. There will be unimaginable advances in the bioenergetic field, expanding our knowledge on the healing use of the Shakti, the subtle creative energy of the universal plot.
Our awakening will lead us to the archetypal construction of new positive human bonds, of dialogue and negotiations among all the peoples of Mother Earth.
Society will reinforce the value of freedom, tolerance, justice and social equality. Values ​​of solidarity and cooperation will spring forth in our hearts as we feel the untamed strength of the universal memory of our previous generations and of all our ancestral cultures. It will be new times where we will take the reins of our own life, incorporating to our essence an ecological, healthy, harmonious and balanced lifestyle.
Today, here and now in the eternal present, I wish you a lot of light, balance and harmony with everything created.
It´s time to raise our vibrational level. It´s a time of light, a time to love and a time to forgive in order to ascend and transmute. It´s a time of unification of all beings of humanity.
It´s time to break down walls and borders in the world, time to shelter fragile butterflies refugees, time to share with others. It´s a time of solidarity, justice and equality. It´s a time of gratitude, peace and truth, to work inwardly our body, mind and spirit to reach the vibrational level of white light.
It´s time to thank and value everything we have, every moment of life is the greatest gift we can receive; time to be honored with ourselves and with others, to vibrate with infinite universal light and with unconditional love. Happiness doesn´t come from the material; true happiness comes when we realize that others are a faithful reflection of our own inner Self, our atman.
To open new doors of hope you have to close other doors. In order for new lotus flowers to grow, other flowers must wither and their petals transmute. For exotic butterflies to fly towards the snowy peaks, towards the celestial vault, it is necessary that the silkworms become beautiful iridescent pupa.
Today is a special day, beautiful, magical and exceptional. Today, here in the eternal present; begins a new era for the interdimensional human being. Today we´ll all raise our consciences for world unification.
The awakening of our humanity is already necessary. Awakening to infinite light fully conscious, awakening to supreme universal love, awakening to the creative energy Shakti.
Awakening to the true truth of this existential reality. Only when we´re prepared and aware of the paramount importance of raising our vibration will we be able to achieve what the universe has been waiting for millions of light years. We aren´t the only protagonists, we aren´t the only beings of creation, there´re other worlds, other parallel and dimensional realities. There´re other consciousnesses and other macrocosms.
The most relevant scientists are exclusively dedicated to finding the divine particle, the so-called particle of God. That isn´t the right way.
We must urgently fix all the chaos that is on this planet, all the suffering caused to millions of human beings.
We must reflect and meditate that the planet Earth, the primordial mother, our Gaia is a living and thinking being; a being that we´re destroying, little by little, with human greed and selfishness. Our planet and all of humanity are in danger. We urgently need to make a 180 degree turn in our inner behavior.
Remember, change starts with yourself. The flapping of a butterfly can cause a tsunami, is the well-known butterfly effect.
Change is in our inner atman. Healing our own wounds, our transgenerational atavistic soul; loving our vital essence, our inner child; beautiful feelings will emerge and positive radical changes will emerge in our existential realm.
In this way of love and compassion humanity will begin to vibrate in another dimension, will begin to raise its vibrational level in the authentic path of light. We´re all children of the universal light.
From my soul as a poet of the winds, I wish you a beautiful awakening in the light of Truth impregnated with great serenity, deep inner calm, intense search for universal knowledge, building close bonds, love and respect.
With all my affection and affection from my heart.

Maika Etxarri
Copyright text and photography

Acerca de palabrasdeluzypaz

Soy un espíritu libre poeta, enarbolando la bandera de la paz y libertad, en este universo existencial. Vivo en el eterno presente, aquí y ahora, bajo el poder del amor, sin la incertidumbre del mañana, sin la esclavitud del nuevo orden establecido mundial. Maika Etxarri Escritora, poeta, blogger y fotógrafa Autora del libro: La rosa del desierto
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