Creating realities


Creating realities

Never again will I have so much courage, so much thrust into the unknown, as I have in this eternal present, here and now.
Like that calm that absorbs the little lights of the unknown world, of illusion and fantasy, my soul awakens to the infinite white light, fully conscious.
Wanting to approach with leaps and bounds, I see that everything is interconnected in this plane, in this existential reality. The memories of my childhood are covered by a subtle and subtle fog that prevents me from looking back.
In this sweet transition to maturity, suddenly, everything intersects, and in a brief moment that interconnection disappears from my extrasensory perception.
With an infinitesimal speed, I dream of the future living the present present in this existential realm.
These ethereal dreams, which intoxicate with happiness, help me to follow my eternal journey on this sweet path to immortality. Immortality that astonishes the edge of the threshold of the Beyond. These ethereal dreams, subtle in the silence asleep, help me to look for the light of that brilliant shooting star, to which I made a wish in that blue night of the broken mirrors.
When I feel the palpation of life, the limpid air I breathe, I find my own inner atman open with its petals in the sun; open with its subtle butterfly wings to the cosmic light; open like a flower thirsting for truth and universal collective wisdom.
In this existential reality, it´s worth understanding why I was born, why I chose my parents, family, friends and teachers beforehand. They help me in this existential plane, in this wheel of life, to release that karma that is carried in the crystal backpack. At this precise moment of consciousness, the key of the past is closed and a new door opens: a green ray, hope, illuminates my path of life towards the snowy peaks.
With new feelings in my heart, and in the essence of my own being, I experience a radical change of three hundred and eighty degrees in my way of feeling, perceiving and thinking. It´s a wheel of continuous intrinsic movements, of new thoughts, beautiful reflections and feelings never known in this one, our existential kingdom.
I´m aware that every moment is a piece of immortal life; and as such I must thank the Supreme Being for everything I possess at this moment and appreciate it.
Tomorrow doesn´t exist; it´s the today, the here and now. As I live, feel and perceive my present, I will build my own future reality.
The power of the mind is incredible; the power of love is eternal; the power to create our own reality is immortal.
The power of the word is an art of living, it is a creative art of subtle inspirations; it´s an art of feeling and understanding of the word.
With the word we can create our own dreams, build authentic realities, create close inter-dimensional connections with our future Self, expand our consciousness and reach authentic awakening.
With the word sweet and beautiful, with the intelligent use of the verb, the human being can cross the border of current reality, can cross the barrier of time and space creating his own future.

According to quantum physics, a thought or an emotion creates a new connection, which is reinforced when we think or feel “something” repeatedly. Experiments in the field of elementary particles have led scientists to recognize that the mind is capable of creating realities.
According to the researcher of the Dead Sea manuscripts, Greg Braden, the ancient Essenes (the spiritual community to which Jesus Christ belonged) visualized that what they asked of God had already been fulfilled.
The investigations of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, with the water molecules, have opened a door to the possibility that our mind is capable of creating our own reality.
Sweet words like love, peace and understanding, create beautiful and harmonious crystals like pure water from waterfalls and springs; however, words like hatred and war create amorphous and chaotic crystalline forms.
According to biology, the atoms that make up the molecules can be ordered in different ways: harmoniously or chaotically.
If we take into account that 80% of our brain is water, we will understand how our emotions, our words and even the music we listen to influence our reality to be more or less harmonious.
The human brain is capable of storing all vital experiences, everything that is perceived, felt and heard. To act on reality we have to reach higher states of consciousness and give way to emotions such as gratitude and joy.
We must be aware of everything we express through the written and oral word, because the word has the power to create realities.
We´re creators of our own reality with our thoughts, feelings, visualizations and expressions (both verbal and nonverbal language).
Create your own dreams with thoughts and feelings that are positive, move away those that are destructive.
Visualize those dreams come true, in this present present, here and now.
Become aware of the magic and power of the verb (of the sweet art of the word). Take care of the use of your expressions, being fully aware of everything you think, speak, write and transmit.
You have the power to create your own reality and your own dreams. The key to being able to create your own reality is consciousness.

Maika Etxarri Yábar
Copyright text and photography

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Soy un espíritu libre poeta, enarbolando la bandera de la paz y libertad, en este universo existencial. Vivo en el eterno presente, aquí y ahora, bajo el poder del amor, sin la incertidumbre del mañana, sin la esclavitud del nuevo orden establecido mundial. Maika Etxarri Escritora, poeta, blogger y fotógrafa Autora del libro: La rosa del desierto
Esta entrada fue publicada en 80% of our brain is water, Argazkigintza Maika Etxarri, Autor Maika Etxarri Copyright Escritor, poeta e fotógrafo de Pamplona Autor dos libros: Talwardat nljla A Rosa do deserto, Nirvana da luz, Nirvana do amor eo Despertar. Light Words Space Blogger, colección de fotografías de Maika Etxarri, Crear mi propia realidad, CREAR NUESTRA PROPIA REALIDAD, Creating realities, Cristo, El poder de crear nuestra realidad, Esenios, Greg Braden, Jesús Cristo, Maika Etxarri Copyright prosa filosofikoa eta argazkilaritza, Maika Etxarriren Prosa Filosofikoa, Manuscritos del mar Muerto, mar Muerto, Masaru Emoto, Philosophical prose of Maika Etxarri, Philosophical prose of Maika Etxarri in English, Prosa filosófica de Maika Etxarri, prosa filosofikoa eta argazkigintza Maika Etxarri, quantum physics, Sin categoría, the ancient Essenes, the cosmic lightç, the Dead Sea manuscripts, the human being can cross the border of current reality, can cross the barrier of time and space creating his own future., The investigations of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, the mind is capable of creating realities, The power of the mind, We´re creators of our own reality with our thoughts, With the word we can create our own dreams, build authentic realities. Guarda el enlace permanente.


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