How to recognize a crystal child?

How to recognize a crystal child?

The Crystal Children are among the most connected, communicative, affectionate and cuddly compared to those of any other generation. They’ve philosophical and spiritual gifts, and unfold an unprecedented level of gentleness and sensitivity to this world. Crystal Children spontaneously embrace and care for the people who need it. It’s wrong to confuse them with dysfunctional or autistic children. If something is dysfunctional, it’s the systems that aren’t suitable for the continuous evolution of the human species. If we embarrass children with labels, or give them medicine to keep them in submission, we’ll have undermined a gift sent from heaven. We’ll have destroyed a civilization before they’ve time to take root.
Fortunately, there’re many positive and alternative solutions.

It’s said that they’ve activated DNA helices that the rest of the mortals don’t have. This would enable them to be more aware, awake and prepared to help change and continue the new societies.

How to recognize a “crystal child”?
In order to recognize a Crystal Child, the most obvious characteristics are the following:

-Avoid conflict and confrontation
-They speak little, but with a lot of depth
-They’ve psychic abilities
-They have a great affective capacity
-They like to spend a lot of time alone
-They easily perceive fear in their immediate surroundings.
-They can amplify their own fear and project it into the environment
-Avoid invoking fear
-Poss a low profile, they are discreet and submissive
-They’re positive and serene
– They only ask for what is necessary for themselves but don’t hesitate to demand for others.

They’re extremely sensitive to all their environment: sound, colors, negative emotions, smells, food, chemicals, clothes they wear, violence, group conscience, electromagnetic frequencies, solar flares … If a Crystal Child is in a aggressive, unbalancing environment, with considerable energy oscillations and exaggerated emotions, have to flee physically or psychically, as it’s unbearable for them.

So sensitive, they’re deeply vulnerable. For this reason, they can develop a seemingly strong and aggressive personality that protects them from the outside.

They need to spend time in solitude, they don’t live well in groups because few understand their need for solitude. When their solitude isn’t respected, they become unbalanced and lose their connection with their Being, which is the orientation that holds them together with ALL.

They must enter into communion with nature and the elements daily. The Spirit of Nature helps you to balance and clean the non-harmonious energies that stun you deeply. The big cities, full of aggressions, noise, pollution, aggressive energies, imbalances … are bonfires where their vulnerable spirit burns beyond repair. When they’re in and with Nature, it allows them to feel deeply connected to the essence of existence, allows them to observe the beauty of Creation, allows them to feel full, allows them to sharpen their senses and fill the lungs with fresh air necessary to survive. Nature is your source of positive energy and the Sun recharges your batteries, necessary to survive in a world like ours.

Crystal comes from Christ. Crystal Children are pacifying, vulnerable children, who tend to push inward, even disconnecting as best they can from humans, doing the best they can to survive in a world where they still don’t fit. It seems that they’ve been incarnated for four decades preparing the way for change … an arduous task for them.

They simply don’t understand “The inhumanity of man to man”, war, greed, greed… they can easily feel overwhelmed by all that. They tend to cry when they see the insensitive images that the media throws out of a world where chaos reigns on many occasions, and they cry when emotional scenes appear anywhere. They cry when they can’t understand why the human being is the way he’s. They feel that the planet Earth could be an extraordinary place, but the exaggerated human EGO is destroying it. They don’t understand wars, violence, murders, aggressions, greed, hunger, misery, cruelty, lies, harshness, power misunderstanding, vulgarity, pain, lack of respect, lack of education … they simply don’t understand how the human being can be, still, so primitive and on top of believing himself to be the most intelligent and unique existing being of the Universe.

Translation by Maika Etxarri

Acerca de palabrasdeluzypaz

Soy un espíritu libre poeta, enarbolando la bandera de la paz y libertad, en este universo existencial. Vivo en el eterno presente, aquí y ahora, bajo el poder del amor, sin la incertidumbre del mañana, sin la esclavitud del nuevo orden establecido mundial. Maika Etxarri Escritora, poeta, blogger y fotógrafa Autora del libro: La rosa del desierto
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