Souls, hearts of Palestine


Souls, hearts of Palestine

Huddled next to the fireplace, sheltered from the cold winter, your lips sealed, with eternal words, your love perennial and infinite. The knowing glances, mirrors the spirit internal, reflect deep feelings in your hearts love. Kindred Spirits rediscovered after thousands of human existences. From Alexandria, Tibet and Nepal, from Bangalore and Sahara Desert from Bethsaida, and Magdala, from East to West, eternal kindred spirits under the heavens from Asia.
Palestine, the source of an immortal love between two souls merged with red petals immense passion. Soulmates, twin soul. Hearts solidarity without borders, white robed hope. Souls in love despite the distance, despite the elapsed time, although accidents of fate, and love brought along the way. Twin souls, case, for the rest of eternity conscious, East West. Pure souls from the beginning of the universe, to the sweet awakening in Nirvana. Among white robes, loves of Essenes hearts. Hearts revolutionary ideology and feeling. Messengers of time, as red eagles, as free spirits flying towards the blue sky…
A new poet was born in the depths of the soul, a soul pure white. A new world is born at dawn with sunrise. World of magical moments, arrows of love Magdala and Bethsaida interlacing. Love and red passion between an exceptional teacher, revolutionary history and a soul substantially in love, poet in her eternal present.
Mary of Magdala, sweet poet, beautiful golden muse, inspirer of the sacred roots of the Jewish people. Maria, a sublime love time traveler, master of magic, the revolutionary people. Fused hearts after thousands of rebirths in samsara…
Warm love, intertwined in knots of intense passion. Passion sublime under the ethereal immensity, under the sacred mountains the Himalayas. Infinite passion of love between two eagles sacred, rediscovered in the same existential reality.
Two white roses of ethereal fire, loves pure light and clear in sweet dawns. Two flowers greened laurel, souls eternally in love.
Palestine, source of love voluntary unprecedented in history. A divine love, ever lived or dreamed, not even imagined. Source of love indescribable between two incendiary flames, in ancient villages of Judea. Immortal love between two messengers, sons of light in time immemorial.
Ancient Palestine, source of love between day and night, between the moon and sun, between north and south, between light and darkness. Source of loving hearts, of unbridled love without light limits the edge of the threshold of this existential reality. Source of the real and unreal, from the tangible and spiritual. Palestine, source of pure water that springs from clear springs, cleaning our consciences wounded by the wheel of samsara. Love immortal, at the origin of mankind. Source Love intangible, spiritual, between two neon lights find their another I, in the wake of a new reality in Qumran…
Sacred Love, love encounters between free spirits. Love indescribable, unimaginable, buzzing sound of wind, the Judean desert. Hearts beating, vibrating to the beat of sweet music in ancient Palestine. Music to forgive and love, forever. Inspiring new music moments magical moments of love. Loves, wonders magic of our universe. This existential blow love, forever, old loves, next magical illusions and dreams in life time. This rainbow of passion blow volcanic rocks, and the swan gold of lost dreams. This rainbow of love will vibrate the pyramids and the heavens, with its divine melodies.
Guitar music asleep, silenced, year after year. Universal love, white hearts without borders, the endless seas of glass. Sea shells shine in those hearts craved.
Silver sea, sea of Galilee. Silver gleams in the kingdom mythical Shambhala. Sea of dreams, rivers of ice chips. Dead Sea is our infinite sea, love…
Neem flower sprout, between sweet sonatas of love, in the eternal silence of the unconscious sleep. Sandalwood flowers will shine brightly in warm home, rest of the old warrior.
This new existential rainbow old loves melt in distant lands. Hearts of fire, subtle love lost in the immemorial. They’ll melt free love among inspirational poetry, between poetic to the Olympians odes, shores of the Dead Sea in Qumran.
And through the wind, they’ll interweave letters written in Sanskrit and Hebrew, under the sacred mountains, under the twinkling stars in Judean desert.
Palestine renaissance fountain, a source of awakening ineffable undying love.
Hearts, warm winds, gently brushing the celestial ceilings. Fresh breeze deepest dreams, dreams serene and calm.
Hearts of light flying together, wrapped in an intoxicating dream was paradise, into the garden of Eden, to the promised land.
Free spirits from the beginning, from the origin of universe, from the seed of the sacred tree of life. Hearts wrapped, among white roses without thorns. Pure hearts among oriental aromas of incense and jasmine of Nepal.
Vivid, real dreams, of pure hearts called to rediscover themselves, in the awakening to the light, in an immortal existential love. Love, fire and passion, in the awakening to the light, in the limits of pragmatic reality. Soul mates, hearts of Palestine, under the eternal skies of the Himalayas…

Maika Etxarri
Copyright poetry and photography

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Soy un espíritu libre poeta, enarbolando la bandera de la paz y libertad, en este universo existencial. Vivo en el eterno presente, aquí y ahora, bajo el poder del amor, sin la incertidumbre del mañana, sin la esclavitud del nuevo orden establecido mundial. Maika Etxarri Escritora, poeta, blogger y fotógrafa Autora del libro: La rosa del desierto
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