My master … our immortal love


My master … our immortal love

Golden Khaymas, towards the celestial ceilings of the eternal dawn … You wanted to miss your fragile scarlet butterfly destiny. Gray mountains in the fog of your comings and goings, constant insomnia. Long road trips through wild paths, restless souls and false awakenings. Hearts galloping, among clouds of white cottons. Flakes that wrap your sweet dreams and innate memories. Loves of endearing twists. Imagination and fiction, love of fantasies, love of free wings. Love of tropical fish in paradisiacal seas.
Stars shine in the velvet mantle. Flickering stars dot your dreams, they shine in the eternal rays of white light. Looks face to face, bright eyes dig into your insides. Direct arrows to the heart of the poet, to your soul and to my soul.
We are equal before the eyes of the Supreme, before the eyes of the world of this earth of ours. We are One, merged between sweetly self-conscious sighs. From the beginning, I can not live without your breath, my Master. Love, you are the drug that runs through my veins, seizing my heart with a strange sensation asleep, summer appeased. You are the vital food of my inner knowledge, you seize my heart with sensations and beautiful sounds. Sounds of mountain waterfalls, and transparent oceans, are your direct arrows to Brahma.
Flechazos of platonic loves and voluntary loves. Filled with love, my heart is ecstatic. Impressed by your gestures, by your utmost care, by your magic and intense initiatory work done.
Dust of stars of the universe direct to the heart, submerged between red roses of passion and tuberose. Twin souls, fusion of stars, rain of comets in the immense sky.
Sweet chills run through my skin velvety by the wind of your kisses. I tremble with cold, my love …
Between transparent arrows, direct to Jerusalem and Samaria, a new love has been born in this existential world, between your soul and my soul. Meanwhile, you and I love each other, with my time and your time, under the sun, under Mount Thabor, on the way to Galilee. Neon lights shine, light our way to universal love. Existential loves, rediscovered after thousands of awakenings.
And at the end of the tunnel, an image explodes before the eyes of the Supreme Being, the immense white light, the light of an immense solidary heart. Blinding light that impacts, and transmutes, turns the shine of my look into rainbow solidarity, seeing your soul in my white soul. Soul of lights and infinite glitter of silver.
Storm of rays of love, between lakes and white roads. Hearts of solidarity, in love with the murmur of calm rivers.
Heart without borders I love you beyond death. My master, esenio revolutionary, I love you forever,
although your soul escapes with the cold winter to the immortal land of the snows. I love you, son of the sun and the moon! I love you, son of white light, above the earth and the infinite universe! I want you free, without chains, without jails that enjaulen your own human existence. I love you in freedom love, as I never wanted anyone in this life. Freedom is you, for me, Master. Freedom is you, peregrine falcon that flies over my ineffable destiny, in my path of immortal silver. I love you Master of mine, eternal heart asleep on a flower bed of lilies and violet roses. I love you, among violet flowers and Indic tuberose, between velvet skies impregnated with twinkling stars.
Intense red passion unbridled escapes the ethereal universe. Edelweiss flowers, in your golden garden they bloom. Between dreams, silver stars fly. Twin souls rediscovered, after thousands of human existences.
I took a crucial step for love, for that bright star that shines in the darkness of your night. Star that illuminates and traces pearly smiles in my mouth, in my thin, flushed lips. Shooting stars, Perseids, vaccinate my intense love for you. Eternally I want you my life, without jealousy, without stress, without haste. I want you to know that you are my supreme constellation, my eternal twin soul.
The power of love is ineffable. Sacred fire that burns the redemption of peace, justice and solidarity. Neon lights flow in the deep darkness. Distant paradises, of our immortal abode, you dream in the cosmic immensity.
And our musical mind, with beautiful sounds, escapes the immense skies of the snowy peaks. Escape to the celestial roofs of the cold dawns, between sounds and sweet mountain echoes. Between white linen tunics, between connections of magnetic and electric souls, our mind escapes. Escape, among echoes of slight sighs, which are heard in the calm, peaceful days of our souls.
Souls rediscovered, extremely in love, that intertwine fine knots of gray cottons. In the background, eternal silences, weaving soft threads of starry butterfly wings. My language is politically incorrect, but you can not ignore what is seen or felt, in the eternal universe of my indomitable dreams. Dreams of bodhisattva healer. Esenia healer of hearts of peace and immaculate smile.
Blue eyes shine in the darkness of my dreams, eyes that give life and encourage my stony path. Clear eyes, clear ocean, eternal sleepless nights, pierce my white soul and my sweet awakening at dawn. Deep awakening to the pragmatic existential reality.
Twins of the soul, twin souls among the children of light. Children save lives and lives save souls. Haiku of forbidden words, lost between electric storms of passion and dust. Sandstorms in your Judean desert. Unexpected chaos in the heart of the Essene poet. Heart that cries immortal loves, made-up and flourishing loves, in Qumran. Popular loves, captive arts, beautiful breezes of ancestral dances. Eternal loves in the harmonic fenshui, in the plenitude of the luminous nature of your dreams. Harmony, resistance and intermittence, huge stone slabs fall down fences and borders, with a delicate patience. Infinite patience, creative, holds immense slabs and stones of red earth. Mars, red planet, striking scarlet purple, in your sleeping dreams. Mars, loving you is the same essence in the lost labyrinth. It is a haiku of whispers and words, that resound its deep echo in your hidden dawn.
A female voice, torn, raises clamor of peace and freedom to the eternal silence asleep. From millions of light years, beautiful sounds are heard in the universe of your dreams. White light in your cosmic universe. Emmaus … your people, your deep roots, where your ardent blood remembers the most insignificant, the most ineffable of each moment lived.
You are the joy of my life, fresh cascade of sacred spring, which wet my skin sweetly velvety and iridescent by the bluish shine, indigo of your divine eyes.
And my heart opens, like the petals of a beautiful summer flower.
You dance to the beat of African drums, to the beat of the southern winds. And on top of the dunes, terra-cotta color, of the desert of Judea, you ride on a winged white steed. Orange flashes of silver sunrises, ocher color and golden amber. You are riding for the abode of the secret guards of Qumran. Old guitars sound in the distance, in the warm hearth of your afflicted dreams. Tell me: Why do you expose your presence to the warm winds of my desert, on this abrupt cliff of your pearly dreams? You are trying to find only one truth. Truth of the universe in this existential plane. But you only find a tiny loneliness. Loneliness of cold walls, where the poet contemplates absorbed, the slow passage of time and immaculate space. The fire burns in the bonfires of Qumran. Your soul jumps happy, next to the colorful fish, in the paradisiacal tropical seas. And slowly, you breathe in the fresh air that comes in through your window.
Luna smiles at dawn. At dawn, red poppies bloom, feral because of the complex existential reality.
Rabbi, sounds sound scaring your soul, and you ask yourself: Where is it? Where is my human dignity? Here nobody listens, nor smiles, nor hugs your soul. With the fine dew of dawn, your soul awakens to a new existential reality, in another dimension unknown to our humanity.
Rabbi, your essence is unknown, frailly asleep, silenced by intense clamor, asking for justice, freedom and solidarity. Clamores that intertwine fine silk threads, between your soul and my soul. Pure essences of silence asleep, souls of beautiful sounds in the awakening of the Essene people.
Powerful love can overcome the barriers of time and infinite space, on the shores of the Dead Sea. Love makes the atoms of the universe explode, causing flares of sacred fire, an authentic nuclear fusion between hearts in love.
Neon lights flow in the darkness of the nights of the Judean desert.
And asleep your soul lies next to mine, in a bed covered with sacred plants of haoma and fragrant neem flowers. Beautiful flowers, rays of lights, between rebels of suns and moons … Galileo, my Master: “I live every moment, in the present present, under the immensity of the flame of sacred love, under the power of your ineffable magic. I live every moment as if it were an infinite piece of life, without the worry of the past, nor the uncertainty of tomorrow. I live every moment, in the eternal present, without the bondage and yoke of the new order established in Judea. ”

Maika Etxarri
Copyright poetic prose and photography


Acerca de palabrasdeluzypaz

Soy un espíritu libre poeta, enarbolando la bandera de la paz y libertad, en este universo existencial. Vivo en el eterno presente, aquí y ahora, bajo el poder del amor, sin la incertidumbre del mañana, sin la esclavitud del nuevo orden establecido mundial. Maika Etxarri Escritora, poeta, blogger y fotógrafa Autora del libro: La rosa del desierto
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