A channeled book “The rose of the desert – Talwardat Nljla”

PORTADA libro en inglés bonita la rosa desi

A channeled book “The rose of the desert – Talwardat Nljla”

It is a very special, magical and surprising book, full of beautiful metaphors about the freedom and immortality of the soul. It is a poetic, allegorical song about the reincarnation of the soul and its final liberation in Nirvana.
The book has messages and symbols hidden inside, in each sentence is a beautiful metaphor with a subtle and magical sense.

All ancestral initiatory cultures are based on the same original source, Egypt. The world is a network of invisible ropes, Indra’s network; at each intersection there is a pearl, mirror of the others. In the universe there are synchronizations, networks of invisible strings that connect all beings to each other, and to each being with collective universal or collective unconscious memory. It is a network of silk ropes that expands to infinity in all directions and that contains at each intersection a pearl of great brightness that reflects on each one of the pearls of the network, and so on, like mirrors towards infinity.

Recent research suggests that the universe could be like a hall of mirrors in which light travels through a small universe, creating a chain of apparently infinite images and reflections. In this network of invisible ropes or Indra’s network one could find an explanation for the similarity between Egyptian beliefs and later initiatory cultures that captured the beliefs and mythology of ancient Egypt from the universal collective unconscious.

There were diverse hermetic schools in the ancient initiatory cultures. In all of them the same knowledge was taught, the luminous states of the mind, and how to handle circular time to create your own reality. They were hermetic schools, initiates of authentic wisdom, in continuous search of knowledge and truth.

In ancient Egypt, the Houses of Life were true centers of knowledge, something similar to what we now understand as a university. They were foci of knowledge par excellence where were the wisest men, eager to cultivate, and more religious of the country. Its access, as in every initiatory college of the ancient world, was evidently restricted and selective. Reserved only to those lovers of wisdom, eager to learn, who were willing to engage solemnly with the brotherhood of initiates, swearing to use their science exclusively for the common good, that is, to serve Maat, and never use it for the benefit own, as well reflects the solemn Hippocratic Oath, which until recently all physicians necessarily performed and whose origin can be traced back to ancient Egypt, which was the birthplace of Greek medicine.

The most important Houses of Life were those of Heliopolis, Sais, Memphis, Hermopolis, along with those of Abydos and Thebes in the New Kingdom. These initiatory colleges were true temples of wisdom, whose purpose was not only to study and understand the universe, but also to help man to live in harmony with natural laws, according to the cosmic order of existence, to which they called Maat. In short, we could define Maat as the natural order of cosmic laws. Maat is the cause of all order, of all beauty, and harmony in the universe. For the ancient Egyptians, Maat was the optimal condition that all beings could attain, the ultimate realization of Nature itself. To fulfill the Maat means to be in harmony with oneself and with the universe; a cosmic harmony, a rule of conduct to be followed by man.

In ancient times there were two important cities where the sun god was worshiped, one was located in Egypt Heliopolis, and another was located in the hills of Judea, the city of Beit Shemesh or House of the Rising Sun. Heliopolis, the sacred city of the sun in the Old Kingdom, was the main initiatory center of teachings of that time. The main temple of Heliopolis was dedicated to Ra, the sun god, in particular to Ra-Horus of the Horizon, the Sun god falcon of ancient Egypt. Another temple in Heliopolis “The Mansion of Bennu” (Fénix), inside which was a sacred meteoric stone called Benben, which symbolized the primitive burial mound, was consecrated to Rahorus (Rising Sun).

In my book “the desert rose” I refer to the Mother Archetype, to the Great Mother. The famous Osirian myth of the ancient Egyptian culture is reflected. After taking courses in Egyptology (Autonomous University of Barcelona) I have concluded that my book not only reflects fiction, but also issues based on historical facts.

Everything is interconnected in the Universe with invisible networks. There is a close connection between all the ancestral initiatory peoples. It is a connection in terms of beliefs, knowledge, wisdom, thought, culture and mythology. See the subtle connection between the goddess Isis, great mother goddess, mother of freedom, goddess of motherhood and Egyptian goddess of magic with Mary, mother of Christ. Isis conceived her son Horus, in a magical way, just as Mary conceived her son Christ. In ancient times, Isis was venerated throughout the Mediterranean in the same way that Maria is venerated at present.

The ancient Christians in Egypt were called Copts and adopted part of the Egyptian culture and their beliefs. Among them were the Essenes; it is possible therefore that the knowledge of this community comes from the initiatory schools of ancient Egypt. The sacred family lived in Egypt, it is possible that Jesus was formed in these hermetic schools of wisdom and knowledge, called schools of life.

In my book “The rose of the desert” I speak of the awakening of the Essene people, on the shores of the Dead Sea, in Qumran. In the desert of Judea, next to the Dead Sea lived the ancient Essene community. They lived in caves, villages and monasteries such as Qumran. There was a migration of members of this community to the lands of Egypt. Towards the year 150 a.C. They arise as a true religion. They were known as “the children of light”.

The historian Flavius ​​Josephus tells us that they constitute a brotherhood similar to the Pythagoreans and that they had renounced the pleasure and riches of life. They had all their assets in common, everyone should contribute with their jobs and in return, they should never lack what is necessary. There were no slaves or lords among them, for they were committed to fraternity. They studied the Scriptures trying to increase in the deep knowledge of the Truth, they were always in white, and their life was always presided by a high level of discipline. The Essenes lived in the so-called “City of Salt”, an inhospitable place in the desert of Judea, next to the Dead Sea. The community was reorganized by a character called Master of Justice and continued in the desert until the earthquake that caused serious damage throughout the area, in the year 31 a.C. some groups returned to the Dead Sea to then disappear in history.

The documents found in Qumran have placed on the table their important role in which primitive Christianity was inspired. Qumran, some 17 kilometers south of Jericho, was its principal place in Palestine, but it was spread throughout the country, and also in Egypt, where it had its most important headquarters in the vicinity of Alexandria; next to Mount Moria or Heliopolis according to others.

The Essenes of Qumran recognized themselves as the New Covenant. Its members practiced rites similar to the baptism of the early Christian community and marked the fronts of their initiates with the sign of the X (cross of St. Andrew), it was believed that it represented the initial letter of the Greek word Xristos, but the effective practice of pointing out the “chosen” initiate was the same. The source of Moses was Egypt and the Essene initiates learned from this same source. There is no doubt that the order of the children of light was a monastic and initiatory order.

In my book I also make a continuous reference to the sacred mountains of the Himalayas. There is a creation myth of the Himalayas. In all the ancient mythologies this Himalayan mountain range appears, symbolizing the proximity of its summits to the celestial ceiling, that is to say to the Universe. In Egyptian beliefs the Hereafter is considered as a valley crossed by a river and a mountain range that separates this world with the Hereafter. This mountain range is represented by the Himalayas in my book.

All the beliefs, experiences and dreams of all beings are impregnated in the subtle plasma of the Universe, in the subtle energy that surrounds us. Now the “Quantum Key Theory” of the quantum universe is fashionable. The desires, dreams, thoughts, sacred stories, beliefs of a person pass to their subconscious, from there they pass to the collective unconscious. A sensitive person is able to capture and capture them with his creative art through painting, writing, photography, sculpture, music, etc… The quantum connection explains the phenomenon of synchronicity and the power to create our own reality.

The awakening of our consciousness is found in our own inner Self, in our atman. Truth and wisdom are not outside of us, but inside of us. The silence, the study, the knowledge, the calm, the universal love, the liberation of the attachments and clingings help us in this way of continuous search of the supreme happiness. The others are masters for us, authentic pearls, mirrors of our inner Self. Life is a continuous learning, a school to which we come to solve the karma of past lives. Everything is an incessant wheel of suffering, of continuous rebirth, called samsara. If in this life we ​​do not solve what we come to learn, we will be reborn in a later life.

The white light is a symbol of spiritual purity, of the light of the soul of the Universe. The rose of the desert is the rose of Jericho, the flower of reminiscence and transmigration of the soul, symbol of the spirit of the desert. Jericho is an ancient city located in the West Bank, near the Jordan River, in Palestine. The archaeological findings of this Canaanite city show that it was built more than ten thousand years ago. The rose of the desert represents the immortality and the resurrection, the spirit, the essence and the immortal beauty of the soul.

I respect all existing beliefs, respect and understand all the living beings of the universe. I consider myself a highly sensitive, integral and responsible person for my actions. As a reikidoka I follow the philosophy of Gokai principles. Reciting them, every day, helps me to continue on the right path. Sometimes I find stony stones on that road, difficult obstacles, but overcoming it supposes a valuable learning in the liberation of my desires and attachments.

The constant work of body, mind and spirit; the eternal gratitude, for all that I possess at this moment, to the Supreme Being and the Universe, are principles of this personal philosophy of life. Being honest and whole; living in the eternal present, here and now, closing hurtful doors of the past, helps me in this journey. Bodhisattva’s compassion is fundamental. We must forgive everything and everyone in order to achieve the supreme happiness, the authentic awakening.

We must return to the source of our ancestral roots, not let ourselves be carried away by the subliminal messages created by the New World Order, since they hide the authentic existential reality in which we live. We must always remember the immense power of the verb, of the sweet and beautiful art of the word, capable of creating our own reality with positive decrees.

Maika Etxarri


Acerca de palabrasdeluzypaz

Soy un espíritu libre poeta, enarbolando la bandera de la paz y libertad, en este universo existencial. Vivo en el eterno presente, aquí y ahora, bajo el poder del amor, sin la incertidumbre del mañana, sin la esclavitud del nuevo orden establecido mundial. Maika Etxarri Escritora, poeta, blogger y fotógrafa Autora del libro: La rosa del desierto
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