Dedicated to the Palestinian people


Dedicated to the Palestinian people

I have always heard that the eyes are the internal reflection of each person’s heart, that’s why I like to look at my eyes, their special brightness and try to guess the feelings that come from within the soul.
When I saw the picture of a little Palestinian girl, I was very struck by the look of that little girl. He barely knows what is happening in the world, in his own land. But with her look she expresses fear, insecurity, fear for her and her father. Look at the Israeli soldier fixedly, see that he carries a gun and she in her child’s mind unfortunately already knows what weapons mean: pain, suffering and death. I leave evidence of this in this writing and in the historical memory, so that people reflect on what children are living in it, our chaotic world today, a cruel world of wars and vain sufferings. Perhaps this naive look even knows what death is, because he has seen it up close on some occasion.
If I could, I would give you a big hug and a little kiss on your cheek, right now, to take away that fear and fear that you reflect in your innocent look as a child. Kisses for you, from a distance, I hope that you arrive with the wind until you touch your precious little face, of a beautiful butterfly, fragile and scared by the chaos that your innocent eyes see as a child.
You’ll wonder who I am, you do not know me. I consider myself a citizen of the world and defend at all costs, like many people who have even given their own lives, human rights. Every day I fight against the injustices of society and the world in which we live. Both share living on this planet Earth, which belongs to everyone, although as you well know, since your eyes as a child are discovering reality, some believe they are owners in establishing dividing boundaries. I can imagine the plight of your Palestinian people deprived of freedom, living a hell of horror, living realities of a chaotic world that the eyes of a girl should never look, or even know. Millions of people in the world do not forget you and we are fighting peacefully so that hope illuminates in your eyes. I only ask you girl that when you open your eyes and wake up from that damn dream, you see the purity, the beauty of the world and the universe. Wake up with your eyes and contemplate the celestial blue of the immense sky, the constellations of stars, and the intense brightness of the universe’s soul. I only ask you to forget those chaotic dreams. When your child’s mind awakens to the real reality, direct your gaze towards the immensity of the sky. Look at the rays of Father Sun, that light and energy that radiates are all the people that we want to help you and your people. And if on any occasion, from your room you can see the endless silver stars that exist, each of those stars is a person who thinks of you. If you do not have the possibility to contemplate heaven because those who consider themselves the masters of the world do not allow it, you yourself have the immense power of freedom to imagine it in your mind. Remember it always, you yourself have power to create the soul of the universe, that sky in the immensity of the cosmos with its sun, moon and infinite stars. Remember the mind is very, very powerful. Maybe we even share the same dreams, even though our cultures are different. To dream of a happy world, without wars, without fear or hatred, where all beliefs are respected, despite racial, religious and cultural diversity. My dream is that the day arrives without bars, jailers or weapons, finally with your family you can see that radiant sun and that light of the universe, permeating your souls of hope, hope in a world of union between peoples at dawn . First of all, I want you and your people to feel the ineffable and subtle light of the universe. That plasma that radiates the universe full of energy and love towards all souls, illuminating our existences in the intense path of the search for inner wisdom. I wish that one day you could feel the light of the ineffable universe, illuminating the path of your life, already free as a bird spreading its wings to the wind, enjoying those lost moments of your childhood captivated by fear. First of all, child of my deep eyes, never lose hope, nor faith in the goodness of many souls of this, our world. My heart and my thoughts are always with you, and fly with the sound of the breeze of the wind towards the collective memory of the universal soul. Think about this, your life deserves dignity, respect, tolerance and freedom. I’m just one more person. I can assure you that we are millions of people who are trying to help you and many children of this world. We demand respect for human rights for all children, and for all the citizens of the world. My girl sent you an immense hug of affection, from a distance, through the wind. Warm wind capable of reaching this message of the universe. A letter of peace and solidarity with you. Best regards, a hug of friendship and affection.
A hug with spiritual fusion of souls, that opens the door of love, of charity, of human understanding, of wisdom and generosity. A channeling embrace of human kindness, and simplicity … A hug as a gesture of solidarity of our humanity. A hug of vital energy, like the immense wave of the sea. An embrace of existential love, an embrace of authentic vibration with the pure and eternal light of the existential universe. May that light always illuminate your walk on the luminescent path of world peace. Remember to admire that universe, in it is recorded the collective memory, the soul of all our ancestors, of all our previous generations. That universal soul will illuminate your life with its immortal light, and inspire with beautiful music and poetry your walk in this existential reality.

Author Maika Etxarri
Copyright All Rights Reserved

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Soy un espíritu libre poeta, enarbolando la bandera de la paz y libertad, en este universo existencial. Vivo en el eterno presente, aquí y ahora, bajo el poder del amor, sin la incertidumbre del mañana, sin la esclavitud del nuevo orden establecido mundial. Maika Etxarri Escritora, poeta, blogger y fotógrafa Autora del libro: La rosa del desierto
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