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Fused twin souls

Fused twin souls Escape my soul and your soul between smiles and warm hugs, between subtle caresses and soft kisses, taste of exquisite peach. Escape my soul and your soul, dreaming instants frozen in time between existential loves, between angels … Seguir leyendo

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Pure loves without luxuries, without disguises…

Pure loves without luxuries, without disguises… The silver boat of your diamond dreams adorns your most sublime and divine senses. Sail with its white flags of peace, among bright iridescent waves of bright, fragmented colors. Lovers fleeting… pure truths without … Seguir leyendo

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Love … just love …

Love … just love … On the roof of the world, among the shadows of old monasteries, pure hearts open their petals in flower. They´re lotus flowers in the awakening to light. They´re pure hearts, immortal loves that dance with … Seguir leyendo

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The path of a warrior of light

The path of a warrior of light The path of life of a warrior of light is the path of faith. By believing in the intangible, in the Absolute, in the creative magic … his subtle dreams begin to become … Seguir leyendo

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