To the silent revolution of peace


To the silent revolution of peace

Heart in love, of the goddess of magic and the southern wind, beats rhythm with the clock of time.
Heart in love, keeping old silences, eternal hope, not wars, not abuse, in this song of old goldfinch,

I implore for your liberty slave princess in this, my beloved desert.
You were an activist, a poetic muse of my sweet verses at dawn; defender of human rights, of peace, in my beloved people of the Sahara, torn and wounded.

You were arrested, raped and persecuted, tortured and imprisoned in this human existence; but they couldn’t silence the voice of your exquisite soul. Soul of libertarian poet, promised of the southern wind…

Musa liberator of my people, muse embellished by the glare of the Great Central Sun, at dawn…
Defender of Mother Liberty, poet of beautiful dreamlike verses, revolutionary whispers of old goldfinches, crying out for justice and freedom for this one, my beloved wounded people.

To the courage to live, to the silent revolution of peace. Your poetry, precious ode to freedom, to the tears of my ancestral people, wounded.

Silver tears, white coral pearls, clamors of freedom … cries torn, of this, my beautiful forbidden people.
People in love with the red moon and the son of the wind; faithful reflections of my diamond macrouniverse.

Maika Etxarri
Copyright poetry and photography

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Transcending time


Transcending time
(I breathe in photons of light)

Your harmony is so subtle, your geometric design sacred, that I breathe photons of magnetic nano particles in that microcosm of your existential reality …
I breathe every breath of energy that Father Sun pumps with solar storms, and inhale microscopic particles of the great creative energy Shakti emitted by the Great Central Sun…
And dreaming that I breathe every photon of light, transcending time and space, our known Solar System, our Milky Way, as a direct arrow towards the Big Bang, towards the primordial Origin …

Maika Etxarri
Copyright poetry and photography
Writer, poet, blogger and photographer from Pamplona

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Network of Indra, universal plot “Nirvana of light” by Maika Etxarri

Espacio de Palabras de Luz


Network of Indra, universal plot

There aren’t coincidences; there’re synchronisations as expressed by Carl Gustav Jung. Things don’t happen by chance, there’s a perfect harmony in the universe. Synchronicity is one of the most enigmatic and surprising of this macro-universe.
The synchronizations are connected to each other. These are intangible ilations or invisible parallels, very significant, that don’t share time or space; synchronized facts, even if they occur in different time. They are diverse imperceptible realities that intersect and interweave subtle, unimaginably small threads, of connections between people and other worlds or realities.
In the Buddha-tradition or network of Indra, the universe is an infinite network of thin ropes of silk that expands and presents, at each intersection, a pearl that reflects the others like a mirror. There are subtle connections between each of the atoms of the universe. The creative cosmic energy, the Shakti, connect everything, even the earthly…

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Origin of universal energy


Origin of universal energy

Thank you infinite Brahma source of everything, of the material and immaterial, source of our life, of our own death and of our existential reality. Source of the immensity that surrounds us, of all the cosmos and the Milky Way.

Origin of universal energy, and of creation itself. Eternal source of our feelings and our desires.
Spring aware of our own thoughts, our cultural and religious beliefs. Root of the seeds of the sacred tree of life from the beginning of humanity, from Genesis, from the beginning of life …

Origin of the Big-Bang, of that enormous nuclear explosion of creation, of the energetic vibration of the macrocosm and expansion through the confines of the etheric universe …

Primal cause of acceleration and deceleration between the stars, between the physical, celestial and spiritual bodies; of attraction and repulsion of vibratory energies, of gravitational bodies, and extra-gravitational.

Origin of celestial highways to shorten time, through the Omega points of the universe, of the inter-dimensional relationship between fluctuating realities, between parallel realities of our own existential universe. Fountain of wisdom of all poetic and creative inspiration that develops in the cosmos, inspirational source of our new works and artistic creations.

Principle of our love, of our gratitude, of our infinite patience, of our sensitivity, of our own human freedom. Source of free spirits flying to the other side of the light, to universal inter-dimensional love, to the eternal Himalayas…

Himalayas … immortal sacred earth, without limits in peace or love, with innovation over the divine source…

Maika Etxarri
Copyright poetry and photography

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Open your eyes

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Light of this immense divine garden

Espacio de Palabras de Luz


Light of this immense divine garden
(You’re my genesis)

Beautiful intense light of this immense divine garden. Pure, net and white soul when the cold dawn arrives…
Father radiant sun, beautiful moon on my horizon. You’re the tree of my life, my original principle…
You’re my genesis and my white light at the end of this celestial tunnel, towards the infinite existential universe…
Beautiful Edelweiss flower today, here and now, reborn to the eternal light, being the brightest star in this cosmic universe…
Geometric figure of light, pyramid of glass in my desert of fine gold and metal…
Flower of muted lilies, to which I owe my true divine essence and my own soul…
Beautiful intense light of this immense divine garden. Pure, net and white soul when the cold dawn arrives…
Father radiant sun, beautiful moon on my horizon. You’re the tree of my life, my original principle…

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I love life

I love life

Universe of stars today I ask you one wish: I want to live, live and breathe!.
I love life, Mother Nature; I love this planet Gaia, I love all the living beings of humanity.
I want to live in the calm of silence, I want to feel the breeze of the wind in my desert of Ladakh.
I want to dream that my soul reaches the highest peak of the immortal crystallized lands of the Himalayas.
I want a world without violence where only love and universal peace reign; a world impregnated with smiles, hugs and unconditional love.
I want to live in this existential realm in order to learn from each teacher, from each pearl of Indra, healing reflexes of my atavistic ancestral soul.
I want to live in harmony and balance with the universal cosmogony. Life is only a brief moment frozen in circular time.
I want to live in the eternal present, here and now, breathing fresh air of freedom. This is my personal decree that today I request the three-dimensional universe.

Maika Etxarri
Copyright poetry and photography

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